Accreditation is a process used in higher education to evaluate colleges, universities and educational programs for quality and to assess their efforts toward continuous quality improvement.

Institutional Accreditation

Program or Specialized Accreditations

Professional degree programs are accredited by program or specialized accrediting agencies to ensure they meet standards and expectations in the field of study. Accredited programs and agencies for Commonwealth University are listed below.

Accrediting Agency


Accreditation Letter

Master of Accountancy (MAcc) – Accounting

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – General Business

MS in Information Technology (MSIT)

Education (BS) 

Business Administration (BS)

Business Administration – Accounting (BS)

Business Administration – Finance, including Banking (BS)

Business Administration – International Business (BS)

Business Administration – Management (BS)

Business Administration – Marketing (BS)

Business Administration – Supply Chain/Transport/ Logistics (BS)

Accreditation Letter

Nursing (ASN)

Nursing (BSN) – (Mansfield only)

Nutrition (BS)  – Dietetics - (Mansfield only)

Accreditation Letter

Chemistry (BS) - Biochemistry and Pre-Medicine

Accreditation Letter 

Physician Assistant (MHS) 

Accreditation Letter

Audiology (AuD)

Speech Language Pathology (MS)

Applied Exercise Physiology (MS)

Accreditation Letter

Exercise Science (BS)

Accreditation Letter

All initial and advanced educator preparation programs

Accreditation Letter

Respiratory Care (BS)

Accreditation Letter

Athletic Training (MS) 

Accreditation Letter/Email

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS) 

American Sign Language/English Interpreting (BS)

Accreditation Letter

Nursing – BSN (ۺŮsburg only)

Accreditation Letter

Nursing - MSN

Accreditation Letter

Nursing - DNP

Accreditation Letter

Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program (B.S.ED.)

Accreditation Letter 

Computer Science (BS)

Statement of Accreditation Status

Electronics Engineering Technology (BS)

Statement of Accreditation Status

Nurse Anesthesia (BSN-DNP)

Accreditation Letter

Social Work (BSW)

Social Work (MSW, Candidacy)

Radiography (BS) (Mansfield only)

Accreditation Letter

Visual Arts (BA)


Painting (BL, MA, LH)

Drawing (BL, MA, LH)

Sculpture (BL, MA, LH)

Ceramics (BL, MA, LH)

Art History (BL, MA, LH)

Graphic Design (BL, MA, LH)

Printmaking (BL, MA)

Photography (BL, MA)

Fabric Design (BL)

Visual Arts (BFA)


Art History (BL, MA)

Graphic Design (BL, MA)

Painting (BL)

Drawing (BL)

         Sculpture (BL)

         Ceramics (BL)

         Printmaking (BL)

         Photography (BL)

         Fabric Design (BL)

         2D Media (MA)

         3D Media (MA)

Music (BA)

Music Education (BM)

Emphasis in Music Technology (BM)

Elective Studies in Business (BM)

Performance (BM)

Theatre Arts (BA)

Recognitions and Approvals

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